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Cafè Aroma - Ask for our signature drink, the Cafe Aroma! This sweet treat is made with a double shot of creamy espresso, poured over a healthy dollop of Nutella, topped with whipped cream and hazelnuts! 



Truly Great Coffee

At Cafè Aroma, offering exceptional espresso, quality, locally roasted coffee, and the best gelato available is our core to provide the best drink and food options.

Enjoy a latte or sip on an espresso in our comfortable seating area or explore the Community Garden grounds for a relaxing, soothing experience only matched by the flavorful options, including our signature Cafè Aroma drink. This rich, savory drink pours our creamy espresso over Nutella with whipped cream and hazelnut sprinkles. Or treat yourself to an Affogato, espresso poured over gelato, sourced locally from Dolce Neve for a delectable drink. 

Along with hot tea, iced tea, and a myriad of other drink options, Cafè Aroma is a destination to relax, start your day off right or spend your workday. 

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Work With Perks at

Shared Office Space

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Need a space to work? Cafè Aroma offers a Community Office shared work space program with the perks of an office and the spacious environment of Community Gardens. 

  • Free Drip Coffee or Iced Tea

  • Access to Premium High Speed Wi-Fi

  • Ability to Use Two Conference Rooms

  • Color Printer and Copier

  • Discounts on Food and Drinks at Cafè Aroma

  • Discounts at other Community Garden Shops

Daily, weekly or monthly membership options available. Reserve your spot today!

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Building a Community by Offering Local Pastries and Treats 


Cafè Aroma offers a variety of food options sourced from local bakeries and businesses. 

Enjoy a scone, cereal bar or delectable muffin from Tough Cookie Bakery or treat yourself to the finest gelato available in the Austin area. 

Dolce Neve's award-winning gelato is a perfect afternoon treat or in an Affogato. Previously only available in Austin and Houston, Cafè Aroma is bringing the best gelato to Bastrop with its four core flavors plus every-rotating seasonal favorites. 

Follow us online to see what delectable treats and options are available from other local bakeries and businesses. 

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